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About NYC Gameshow

NYC Game Show was founded on the principal that...deep down...everyone wants to WIN!!! We give your guests the opportunity to take part if a real live gameshow. Spark your event, energize your guests, explode your party.

With NYC as our base, we offer our services to your corporate or private event in the tri-state area. We offer single person trivia to full scale gaeshows with lockout consoles and custom questions. Deliver your corporate message, create a team buidling event or simply have major fun at a birthday party.

NYC has been at the forefront of NYC enttertainment for over 20 years. We are talented, local, and will make your event the best thing since Alex Trebek took on Vanna White in MMA...oh, wait, that never happened...

Let's talk about your next event. We will make it a SMASH HIT!

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